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5. Text


The old stand by, good old, plain, simple text. Copyright can’t make this confusing, can it? Well, sort of. The way you can use text changes pretty dramatically based on how you’re going to use the text.

You can always use
  • Use ALL text you create.
  • Use ALL text in the public domain or those created with a Creative Commons license.
  • Make a single copy for personal use or use in teaching.
  • Make one copy of one chart, graph, drawing, cartoon, diagram, or picture per book or magazine as long as it is an exact photocopy or copy.
  • ALL text that says educational use is permitted in the terms of use (bet you couldn’t have guessed that one.)
  • Make one copy for each child in class (no extras) if it is for classroom use or discussion. Each copy must include a notice of copyright.
  • Make spontaneous copies of an item once (permission to make subsequent copies should be requested.)
You can probably (I know you’re irritated with this wishy-washy guideline, too bad! It’s up to you. Check out our fair use guidelines and make up your own mind) use-
  • Copy a portion(Poetry=250 words; Prose=1000 words or 10% or complete periodicals, essays or short stories less than 2500 words) of a material.
  • Copy periodical articles if three or fewer items are copied per volume (not issue) per one class term.
  • Reprint a current periodical or news article for classroom.
You can NEVER use -
  • Upload or repeatedly copy the same copyrighted information year after year. You should request permission.
  • Upload or copy a worksheet from a workbook. Consider buying a class set of workbooks.
  • Upload or copy copyrighted texts to create an anthology, compilation, or collective work.
  • Upload or copy a syndicated cartoon
  • Convert from one format to another for the convenience of online access when the use of the material is not used directly as part of a distance learning class session.

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